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Frequently Asked Questions

BioniCare Hand System

How does BioniCare work?

The BioniCare signal was initially studied in the knee. A healthy knee produces an electrical signal during weight bearing and other mechanical stresses that is believed to maintain a healthy joint. Due to the physical changes in the arthritic join, this internal electrical impulse is diminished. BioniCare supplements this weakened signal with an external one that is clinically proven to reduce pain and restore function. This signal was then studied on the hand and wrist and found to reduce arthritis pain in a similar way. Pain in the hand and thumb was reduced, function was improved, pinch and grip strength was improved and overall disability was reduced. For a list of studies, see our “clinical study” page.

How long will it take until I notice an improvement?
BioniCare is a slow acting, but long lasting treatment.  It does not immediately reduce pain.  When worn daily, most patients will notice an improvement after a couple weeks.  Significant improvements are seen after 1 month and symptoms will continue to improve over time.  The more the BioniCare signal is used, the greater the improvements you will see.
How many hours per day should the BioniCare device be worn?

In clinical studies, the BioniCare signal was shown to have a “dose response” where the more hours it was worn, the greater the improvements seen in the patients.  Therefore, it is recommended that it be worn a minimum of 8-10 hours per day, more if possible.  The glove can be worn while sleeping to get a majority of your daily hours.  You should not hear or feel anything while you sleep. The glove is open at the fingertips to allow wear during daytime activities, such as typing or reading. The system should be turned off and the glove removed prior to showering or other activities involving water.

What will I feel when wearing the BioniCare Hand System?
The system is specifically designed to be worn subsensory, so that you will not feel the stimulation at all when it is running.  This is an important distinction between BioniCare and other forms of electrical stimulation which stimulate sensory nerves, cause tingling and work to block the pain signals.  The BioniCare signal is set to a much lower intensity to stimulate the joint tissue and to avoid stimulating the sensory nerves.  This signal was specifically designed and clinically tested to reduce the pain and symptoms of arthritis.