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The BioniCare Knee Therapy System

Available to Veterans with VA Benefits at NO Out-of-Pocket Cost

Testimonials From Real Patients

Thousands of patients suffered from Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) for years. Then came BioniCare: clinically proven to reduce arthritis pain without drugs or surgery.

“I’ve tried physical therapy, medications, braces and even a pain treatment center. None of them helped.

After two months of BioniCare, I’m already walking more, taking the stairs and have decreased my medications. It takes away the pain.” — Veteran, IL

“BioniCare gave me my life back.”

“At 68 years old, I can enjoy my life without pain in my knee.” — Dale, Canton, GA

“Because of BioniCare, I have been able to start walking again and enjoying my life…”

“My knee is in better shape than when I was in my 30s” — Elaine, Austin, TX

“I wish I had known about BioniCare before my first surgery. It would have saved me a lot in terms of pain and recovery time.”

“Without the knee device, I would have had to have a total knee replacement.”

Available to Veterans with VA Benefits at no out-of-pocket cost

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VQ OrthoCare provides the BioniCare System to veterans through our Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business Partner, Lovell Government Services

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At VQ OrthoCare, we’ve been helping people get moving for over 30 years.

And since we know there’s no group more deserving of the proven healing power provided by our BioniCare Knee Therapy System than the brave servicemen and servicewomen who’ve given so much, we’ve made sure the BioniCare knee therapy system is 100% covered by VA hospitals—and available at no cost for veterans.



Like Nothing You’ve Tried.
And Everything You’ve Needed.

If you’re a veteran who’s been sidelined by the pain and limitations of knee osteoarthritis, you need to know that the revolutionary, clinically-proven, FDA-cleared technology of BioniCare isn’t just different from anything else. It’s in a class by itself.

    DD 214

    Military Discharge Information

    Take the FIRST STEP to painless movement

    DD 214

    Military Discharge Information

    Take the FIRST STEP to painless movement

    Your DD 214 starts the process to gain access to the VA HealthCare System to see if you’re a candidate for the BioniCare Knee System.  If you are not already receiving care through the VA, you can take a copy of your DD 214 to a VA Medical Center or apply online. To see if you’re eligible for VA health care benefits, click HERE.
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    Clinically Proven Results

    Contact us today to get help navigating the VA system to get the treatment you deserve.

    • Two-thirds of patients avoided a total knee replacement for four or more years
    • Patients experienced a significant improvement in knee function, activity level and range of motion
    • Users benefited from a significant reduction in pain and morning stiffness
    • 45% of patients reduced medications by 50% or more

    You Earned Your VA Benefits, Now Get the Treatment YOU Deserve

    Find Out If You’re a Candidate

    If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you may be a candidate.

    1. Do you experience knee pain during daily activities such as standing or walking?
    2. Do you want to avoid a total knee replacement?
    3. Have you stopped doing an activity you enjoyed because of your knee pain?
    4. Do you have difficulty taking anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g., Advil, Aleve)?
    5. Have you tried other treatments but they were either unsuccessful or only worked temporarily?

    Complete our online form and get connected to a representative in your area.

    How does BioniCare work?

    BioniCare is a pulsed electrical signal specifically designed for the treatment of arthritis of the knee. Due to the physical changes in an osteoarthritis knee, the body’s natural endogenous electrical impulse is diminished, which contributes to degeneration. BioniCare supplements this weakened signal with an external signal that is clinically proven to reduce pain and restore knee function.

    BioniCare is extremely easy to use and can even work while you sleep.

    Watch these videos to learn more

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    BioniCare’s Cost is 100% Covered for Veterans with VA Benefits

     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Who should use BioniCare?

    BioniCare can be used by any veteran who has osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee, the most common cause of knee pain in people over 50.

    Are some knees “too far gone” to benefit from BioniCare?

    No. In a study to determine if the BioniCare System could defer total knee replacement surgery, the patients who saw the most dramatic results were those in the most severe group.

    How long do I have to wear it to see results?

    Results from BioniCare will be seen in about 3-4 weeks depending on how often you wear it.

    Can I use other treatments with BioniCare?

    Yes. BioniCare can be an adjunct to other treatments including wearing a knee brace. In fact, research shows that when you use the BioniCare system with a brace, patients see 39% greater improvement in 75% less time.

    Patients Experienced a Significant Improvement in Knee Function & Benefited From a Significant Reduction in Pain

    Contact Us Today and Get the Treatment YOU Deserve

    60% of BioniCare Patients Avoid a Total Knee Replacement for 4-years or More.

    45% of Patients Reduce Medication by 50% or More.

    Fill out the information below to be connected with a representative in your area who will help you learn more about BioniCare and navigate the VA System.

    BioniCare is Proud to Help Veterans get Answers and Find a Solution to Knee Pain

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    VQ OrthoCare provides the BioniCare System to veterans through our Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business Partner, Lovell Government Services

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